Carmen Alldred

Rhinoplasty (septoplasty)

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Why are you having this proceedure?

I am going to have a septoplasty. It is to correct a surgery I had when I was younger. I have a deviated septum and I had some damage in the left nostril which inhibits my breathing. I currently can’t breathe through that nostril so the surgery is too correct that and hopefully make life a little


Do you have any doubts about surgery?

I have 100% trust in Dr McIntosh.

I’ve worked with him in the past and I know he is pretty calm and relaxed in the surgery. I am a bit nervous about surgery. I’ve been putting this off since I was 16 years old, and now we are 15 years later, I’m finally working up the nerve to do it. I’m mostly nervous about going under, the normal fears, but I’m not worried about the surgery itself.


What outcome are you hoping for?

The damage in my nose affects my day-to-day life as I struggle with breathing and I often lose my breath because I can’t get a deep enough breathe in. I mouth breathe a lot which is not really great for oxygen intake. This makes exercising really difficult. With the deviated septum I struggle with post nasal drip too so I tend to get sick quite often.

I am hoping to have proper airflow through my nose and being able to breathe through my nose I can sleep better too, as I breathe through my mouth and snore which wakes me up. With better sleep, I can work better in the day too, and hopefully won’t get sick so much. Also it would be great to not sound like I have a blocked nose all the time.


How was your surgery and rehabilitation?

The surgery went very well!

I was very nervous for it at first but once we got to it I was very calm and relaxed. Dr McIntosh let me know what was going on throughout the entire process so it went very smoothly. It was a very easy experience for me.

The rehabilitation was super easy for me. I had no pain in my nose and very little discomfort. I was actually surprised when I came out as I thought I’d be bruised and in pain but I had absolutely no pain whatsoever.


Have you noticed any changes?

I have noticed a very big change in the aesthetics of my nose. I feel it is a lot more symmetrical, it’s obviously straighter. I’ve had the hump removed.

But the biggest change for me is obviously the improvements in beathing. I can now breathe through my nose which makes my life a lot easier. When it comes to sleeping I have less snoring. I have less post nasal drip and exercise is so much easier.

That has probably been the most lifechanging experience just being able to breathe better and properly


Some words about the surgeon

I have been putting this surgery off for 15 years as I was too nervous, too scared, too anxious, and with Dr McIntosh, he’s the first doctor that has actually made me feel confident in the decision to go ahead with the surgery. He has been there and available for any questions or concerns I had, answering all my questions and providing encouragement.

Even the small gesture of holding my hand as I went under because I was so nervous about it, was such a big thing for me. He has really been great and I don’t think I could have done it with any other doctor.


Closing thoughts

If there is anybody who has been considering a type of surgery like this I highly recommend that they speak to Dr Cameron McIntosh. He is highly skilled, knows what he’s doing and he is so good at making you feel really comfortable and totally aware of everything that is going on.