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His state-of-the-art practice offers specialized equipment such as 3D imaging, 4 Phase Rhinomanometry and a digital health recording system.


Rhinoplasty (Nose Job) is a complicated operation that improves the shape and function of your nose that is performed by a specialist surgeon who is highly trained to carry out the procedure.


A septoplasty is an operation to repair a deviated septum or one that has a spur created by an extra piece of bone that grows out from the septum. It causes turbulent airflow.


When the tonsils and adenoids are not absorbed, they can cause obstruction. This can manifest from light snoring to full blown sleep apnoea and need to then be surgically removed.


In young children their Eustachian tubes are not as well developed as adults resulting in accumulation of fluid in the middle ear space.

Tongue Tie

A tongue tie is what occurs when the thin membrane which attaches the tip of the tongue to the floor of the mouth doesn’t absorb in the womb.


The EarWell® Infant Ear Correction System is the most advanced nonsurgical infant ear deformity correction device.

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