Surgical Safari

Book a consultion with
Dr Cameron McIntosh

In an ideal world I would like to see you in person to assess what you would like done to your nose.

But with the wonders of modern technology, we’re able to accurately assess your needs, consult with you remotely and determine if a surgical safari is the right option for you.

Have you had any previous nasal surgery? **Please answer(n/a) if not applicable

For me to be able to assess your nose and face I will also require photo’s. They must be taken in good lighting with a solid-colored background with no shadows on the face. You may take them at home using a camera with a zoom lens. You may also have pictures taken at a studio. Six (6) are required: One from in front, two (2) from each side, two (2) from a three-quarter view and one from below. Please see the example below. Once done, highlight all the photos, right-click and select either compress, zip or archive. Once done you should have an additional file ending in .zip, .rar or .7z. Upload this file.