Bonita Francis

Rhinoplasty Testimonial
Bonita Francis


Rhinoplasty (open septorhinoplasty)
Before the procedure

Why are you having this procedure?

Why are you having this procedure?

I’m having the procedure done because I’ve only got 1% functional airflow going through my left nostril. I wake up in the mornings and my throat is dry because I am forced to breathe through my mouth instead of my nose. This means that I’m also constantly congested and I’ve always got puffiness under my eyes.
Another reason I would like to have this procedure done is because I do CrossFit, which involves intense, vigorous exercising, and I think that with my breathing better, my performance will also be enhanced.

What outcomes are you hoping for?

I’m hoping to breathe easier, which would enable me to sleep better, and would also cause less headaches and less sinusitis – because I’m continuously going to a doctor for sinusitis issues.

And yes, hopefully also perform better in CrossFit.

Any doubts or fears about your surgery?

I actually don’t have any doubts or any fears about the procedure. I really trust Dr Cameron – I’ve heard that he’s a really good ENT specialist and I don’t think this is a really complicated procedure either.

So no doubts – I put all my trust in him.

After procedure

How was your surgery and rehabilitation?

My surgery and rehab went very well!

I was so surprised that I didn’t have pain, coming out of theatre and even in recovery. So that was quite a ‘wow’ for me.

With recovery, I must say that day 3 was the worst day after surgery. I was black and blue and I got quite a fright when I looked at myself. But from there on, and obviously using some ice packs, I recovered very quickly. Within 1 to 2 weeks, the bruising and discolouration was gone.

What changes have you noticed since the Rhinoplasty?

I can completely breathe normally – which is fantastic!
I also sleep a lot better. Before, I would wake up continuously during the night with a dry and sore throat because of me not breathing. Now my sleeping patterns have definitely improved. I used to have a lot of puffiness under my eyes and that’s been a lot better for me since the surgery, too.

I can even say that with my CrossFit training, I’m doing RX workouts now, where I’ve never done that before. Yes, maybe I am a little bit fitter, but I think it’s the combination of that and the airflow, where my breathing and oxygen levels are better. So even my training has improved.

As for the appearance, my nose fits better onto my face – it’s a lot slinkier – and I’ve had quite a few compliments.

Bonita Francis
After Surgery

Some words about the surgeon

Dr Cameron McIntosh – what a jewel!

I haven’t had many operations, but for the first time ever, I had somebody coming up to me while I was lying on the theatre table, holding my hand, comforting me, and I thought it was really nice of him to do that.

I’ve also been in constant communication with him after the op – any little thing that I wanted to know, I was able to WhatsApp him. He was so open to assist in any way. Absolute jewel!

closing thoughts
Now that I’ve actually had my surgery done, I’m talking to a lot of people that have similar problems to what I used to have and when I talk to them about the surgery I always recommend it because of how much it has improved my quality of life.