Dr Cameron McIntosh is a double Board Certified ENT and Facial Plastic Surgeon who specializes in Rhinoplasty (Nose Job Surgery). He is the founding president of the Society of Rhinoplasty Surgeons of South Africa (SORSSA).
Dr McIntosh is committed to precision surgery and is passionate about Rhinoplasty averaging 5 Rhinoplasty procedures per week.

He travels extensively overseas to keep improving his skill and imparting them with others to be able to offer his patients the best service he can.
His state-of-the-art practice offers specialized equipment such as 3D imaging, 4 Phase Rhinomanometry and a digital health recording system. Dr McIntosh places the utmost emphasis on his patient’s well-being and includes them in each and every step of their treatment.
“Excellence is a way of life.”
– Dr Cameron McIntosh.
I began my training at the University of Stellenbosch, where I received my MBChB (Medical degree) in 2005. I then went on to obtain my FCORL (SA) and MMed (UFS) in 2015, specialising in ENT (Ear, nose and throat surgery).
In 2017, I founded the Society of Rhinoplasty Surgeons of South Africa (SORSSA). The purpose of the society is to offer an educational platform for Rhinoplasty specialists to constantly improve rhinoplasty surgery in South Africa.

In 2019 I passed the IBCFPRS exams in Washington DC making me the first African trained specialist to become a Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon.

I am also a member of The Rhinoplasty Society of Europe and The European Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery.
For the last four years, I have been running my own private practice, Bay ENT, in Port Elizabeth. I have also travelled extensively to Europe and the USA, where I have been fortunate to spend time with renowned surgeons, including – Spencer Cochran, Andrew Jacono, Rod Rohrich, Steve Byrd, Russel Kridel, Fazil Apaydin, Daniel Simmen and Daniel A ‘Wegen.
While specialising in ENT at the University of the Free State, I rigorously studied the anatomy of the alar cartilage. The study proved to be the biggest of its kind in more than 30 years, resulting in me presenting my research nationally and internationally.
Parallel to my medical career, I’ve had an international sporting career, where I represented South Africa for 12 seasons in the Slalom Canoe/Kayak circuit. After representing South Africa in the 2008 Beijing Olympics, I retired from competitive paddling. However, this has not stopped me from enjoying an array of sports. I am fluent in English, Afrikaans and Zulu, and live with my wife and three children in Port Elizabeth, where we enjoy the wonderful outdoor lifestyle that South Africa has to offer.
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